Save time and money by outsourcing the management of your fleet.

Whether you own or lease your cars, we offer a range of solutions including simple maintenance contracts to complete management of your fleet.

We’ll tailor a package designed around your companies needs and which elements of your fleet management you’re looking to contract out.

For a monthly fee you can pick and choose what aspects of your fleet you’d like to outsource.  Be it breakdown cover, tyres, glass, maintenance, fine management or a range of other services, rest assured you’ll be in good hands with our committed and experienced team.  

We can also help to reduce the cost of running your fleet thanks to our sophisticated fleet management software, so you always have all the information you need at your fingertips.

To discuss how we can free up your time and better manage your fleet, simply call us on 0333 400 1010 or email us at

Easier fleet management solutions

Accident management

Your employees are your greatest asset and we're here to help you take care of them.

Unfortunately, accidents happen, especially when employees are using their cars regularly for business use.

Our accident management service saves you money and reduces disruption to your company when accidents happen. This means that your business can continue to keep moving even if your vehicles aren’t.

Our service is provided by FMG, the UK’s leading independent provider of fleet incident management and specialist vehicle recovery services, who have a network of over 155 workshops and 250 mobile repairers.

We’re on hand 24 hours a day to provide full end to end support during each stage of the claim process, ensuring your employees are back on the road in no time at all.



Daily rental

There is always a need for businesses to access a car at short notice. Employees may need to travel to a meeting or one of your fleet vehicles could be involved in an accident. Daily rental may even be the answer if seasonal demand requires a larger fleet for a month or two.

From super minis to prestige cars, vans to minibuses, you can hire vehicles for a day, a week, a month or longer.

And we offer pre-contract rental, ideal for new employees awaiting delivery of a company car.

Daily Rentals also help with health and safety, limiting the number of employees driving private vehicles for occasional business use. 

We supply at short notice, whenever and wherever you need them.

Tusker daily rental benefits:

  1. Quick delivery – within two working hours for most cars
  2. One contact phone number for all bookings
  3. Competitive rates with bespoke service agreements
  4. Dedicated rental specialist
  5. 24-hour roadside assistance


Fuel cards

If you manage a fleet that clocks up a considerable amount of business mileage you might want to consider introducing fuel cards. While the traditional Pay and Reclaim method might work for employees who infrequently drive, the fluctuating factors influencing this calculation can sometimes benefit the company, and in other cases the driver.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of introducing fuel cards into your business:

  • Your staff no longer have to bear the burden of paying fuel costs upfront, and will thank you for making their lives easier.
  • Less admin from hundreds, if not thousands, of mileage reclaims. You’ll receive one consolidated invoice and there is no need for drivers to keep their receipts, or for your staff to waste time chasing them!
  • Get your employees driving more efficiently. You’ll have access to useful management information which can help you target drivers whose average MPG suggests an inefficient driving style. We can then offer your employees a smarter driving course to equip them with the skills to reduce both their fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • Reduced fuel costs. With our network of over 8,000 filling stations nationwide you can encourage your drivers to find a forecourt offering low prices, without them having to deviate from their normal route.


Incumbent lease management

If you’re looking to switch providers but have an existing fleet, we can quickly and seamlessly take over the management of your fleet.

To enable a smooth transition from the incumbent supplier to Tusker, we'll take care of your existing fleet until the cars are replaced by Tusker vehicles.

Legacy vehicle management is fundamental to our offering, and demonstrates our commitment to making the transition to a new supplier as painless as possible.

We will act as a single point of contact for both you and your drivers, and will take responsibility for managing the day to day service delivery of your outgoing supplier.


Manage many more miles

Save time and cut costs with our HMRC compliant online mileage management system. It makes it easy for drivers to log new and repeat journeys, print submissions and view all of their history while automated emails remind drivers to submit claims before payroll cut off dates.

And to help meet Duty of Care responsibilities, you can include optional health and safety checks with your drivers. These can include tyre pressure checks, date of the last service and your company driving policy.

Five important features

  • Fully HMRC compliant
  • Automated e-mail reminders 
  • Integration with payroll systems
  • Vehicle and driver health & safety checklist
  • Records business and private mileage separately