Tusker are the Salary Sacrifice and Contact Hire Market Leaders


Salary Sacrifice Cars

Tusker are the award winning, market leaders in salary sacrifice car schemes and have over 210 schemes in operation throughout the public and private sector. A salary sacrifice car scheme is a true tax efficient way for organisations to provide employees with a brand new, fully insured and maintained car for up to 3 years. The employee's salary is sacrificed before tax and National Insurance is calculated which effectively means they save money.
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Contract Hire

The funding of company vehicles can be a significant drain on financial and human resources. Getting your company cars on contract hire can remove both the financial and administrative burden from your business. It can deliver a tax-efficient form of funding which eliminates risk and smooth cash flow. Tusker can also provide a full fleet management service which can remove the time and cost implications associated with managing and administering the fleet.
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What's the latest ?

Summer Budget Announcement
9 Jul
There was mixed news for motorists in the Summer Budget. A change in Vehicle Excise Duty means that for some new car drivers their annual road tax will fall slightly, but for many, especially those choosing low emission cars or those with higher list prices, their costs will increase from 2017.Here is a handy summary of the key points:Fuel DutyIt wasn’t that…